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Smooth Jazz Mp3 Albums

Torcuato Mariano   So Far From Home

Artist: Torcuato Mariano
Album: So Far From Home
Genre: Easy Listening / Smooth Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: 192kbps / 44100Hz
Tracks: 10
Size: 68. 48 MB

Maysa   A Woman In Love

Artist: Maysa
Album: A Woman In Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Quality: Lossless
Format: cue
Tracks: 11
Playing Time: 47:26
Size: 313 MB

Streetwize   Sexy Love

Artist: Streetwize
Album: Sexy Love
Genre: Jazz, Soul-Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Pop
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbit/s / 48. 0 Khz / Stereo
Tracks: 10
Playing Time: 47:52 Min
Size: 115 Mb.

Marcus Johnson   Poetically Justified

Artist: Marcus Johnson
Album: Poetically Justified
Genre: R&B/Smooth Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: 192kbps / 44100Hz
Tracks: 14
Size: 93. 49 MB

Shelby Brown   The Meaning Of Life

Artist: Shelby Brown
Album: The Meaning Of Life
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Quality: 320 kbps
Format: MP3
Size: 91 MB

Julee Cruise   The Voice Of Love

Artist: Julee Cruise
Album: The Voice Of Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz, Downtempo
Format: MP3
Quality: 256kbps / 44100kHz / Joint Stereo
Tracks: 11
Size: 90. 3 MB

Shakatak   Afterglow

Artist: Shakatak
Album: Afterglow
Genre: Disco / Fusion / Smooth Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: 224kbps / 44100Hz
Tracks: 13
Size: 88. 13 MB

Gregg Karukas   Looking Up

Artist: Gregg Karukas
Album: Looking Up
Genre: Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Smooth Jazz, Crossover Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: VBR 499 kbit/s / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Tracks: 11
Playing Time: 54:06 Min
Size: 235 MB

Rick Braun & Richard Elliot   R n R

Artist: Rick Braun & Richard Elliot
Album: R n R
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Funk / R&B
Format: MP3
Quality: 192 ABR
Tracks: 12
Playing Time: 59:39
Size: 86. 04 MB

Gregg Holsey   Cant Stop

Artist: Gregg Holsey
Album: Can’t Stop
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: 224 ABR
Tracks: 8
Playing Time: 31:09
Size: 50. 82 MB

Rick Braun   Esperanto

Artist: Rick Braun
Album: Esperanto
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Tracks: 10
Playing Time: 44:35 min
Size: 111 MB

Boney James   Send One Your Love

Artist: Boney James
Album: Send One Your Love
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Fusion
Format: MP3
Quality: 192 ABR
Tracks: 10
Playing Time: 47:40
Size: 68. 68 MB